Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) became part of the New Jersey landscape in 1984 with the passing of state legislation. Today, Special Improvement Districts are visible not only in urban communities such as Elizabeth but also in less populated communities such as Bound Brook.

A SID is an organization, management, and financing tool used by local businesses to provide specialized services that complement rather than replace existing municipal government services as part of a revitalization downtown plan. Under a SID property owners and businesses organize and assess themselves in order to pay for the services that are needed. The District Plan and a non-profit District Management Association (DMA) are responsible for governing the operations of the SID. The DMA is responsible for all decisions relating to assessments, budgets, and management of specialized services.

The Historic Midtown Elizabeth SID is located within one of New Jersey’s best Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ). Administered through the Elizabeth Development Company (EDC), Elizabeth’s UEZ program has been a catalyst for more than $1.5 billion in new economic development in the City. These initiatives range from large-scale redevelopment efforts along the City’s waterfront, to more targeted projects revitalizing business districts in the City’s vibrant neighborhoods.

Individuals looking to relocate or start their own business favor SIDs, especially in UEZ areas, because of the reduced sales tax, business support, special loans and grants, marketing opportunities, and growth potential. Before a business opens its doors the Historic Midtown Elizabeth SID office is ready to assist in a variety of services and programs all geared at attracting visitors.

Partnering with the Historic Midtown Elizabeth SID guarantees your business can benefit from initiatives such as: Sign and Façade Program - designed to assist business owners in improving the overall look of their stores; Power Washing Program - offering merchants a maximum grant of $500 for the cleaning and washing of stores signs, storefronts, awnings, etc; and Merchant Parking Program - offering merchants in the Midtown Business District subsidized parking through its Merchant Parking Program.

In addition, the 3½ percent reduced sales tax benefit provides more than $50 million in additional funds for reinvestment into the UEZ. This massive reinvestment includes funding for additional police, elaborate streetscape beautifications and enhanced infrastructure improvements, as well as many other economic development programs designed to help businesses succeed in Elizabeth.

Business owners within the Historic Midtown Elizabeth SID can build their profits, rebuild their storefronts, expand their facilities, purchase equipment, and so much more by taking advantage of the many grants and below-market rate loan programs available through the EDC and its Urban Enterprise Zone program.

For more information on investing and taking advantage of all the SID benefits in the Historic Midtown Elizabeth area please call Executive Director Janice deAvila at 908-355-9600.